Booster Seats to Safe Gaurd Your Little Ones In Every Journey

Would you ever take a risk with your child's safety while driving? Of course not. The stakes are too high when it comes to the precious lives of our children. That's why booster seats are an absolute must for anyone with kids. And providing the solution, Automotive Restraints stands as your trusted partner for all your booster seat needs in Australia.

Why Booster Seats Are Not to Ignore

Booster seats, designed specifically for children who have outgrown their traditional car seats, bridge the gap between those early years and the adult seatbelt. They offer a secure and comfortable way for your child to ride in your vehicle while maintaining optimal safety.

But why are they crucial?

  • Proper Positioning: Booster seats lift your child to a height that ensures the seatbelt fits across their body correctly. This is vital to prevent injury in case of an accident.
  • Reduces Impact: In the unfortunate event of a collision, a booster seat diminishes the risk of your child sliding under the seatbelt or being subjected to severe force.
  • Comfort: Booster seats are designed with comfort in mind, which makes those long car journeys more enjoyable for your child.

Booster Seat Guidelines in Australia

In Australia, strict guidelines and regulations are in place to safeguard the well-being of young passengers. These guidelines consider your child's age, height, and weight to determine the appropriate time for transitioning from a conventional car seat to a booster seat.

Understanding the Guidelines

  • Birth to 6 Months: Infants under six months of age should always be secured in a rear-facing car seat. This crucial safety measure ensures that their fragile bodies are adequately protected during any collision or sudden stops.
  • 6 Months to 4 Years: Once your child reaches six months of age, or when their height or weight exceeds the rear-facing car seat limit, switch to a forward-facing car seat with a five-point harness for enhanced safety. This type of car seat provides optimal protection for toddlers.
  • 4 Years to 7 Years: When your child reaches the age of four, they typically transition to a booster seat. However, Australian law states that children must use a booster seat until they are seven. This transition marks a critical phase in their development, ensuring that the seatbelt is correctly positioned across their shoulder and hips for maximum safety.
  • Tweens and Teens (Over 10 Years): Once your child reaches the height of 145 cm, they can transition to a standard adult seat belt. However, ensuring that the seat belt fits them correctly is crucial. The lap belt should sit low across their hips, and the shoulder belt should cross their chest and shoulder. Make sure the seat belt is not placed behind their back or under their arm, as this can be dangerous.

At Automotive Restraints, we understand the importance of child safety in vehicles. Our range of booster seats is designed to meet Australian standards and provide the proper protection for your little ones.

Accidents Caused by Ignorance

The statistics are chilling - child passenger safety is a matter of great concern. We consulted a report by Dr Julie Brown from Neuroscience Research Australia that shed light on the horrifying consequences of neglecting proper child restraints.

Over ten years, from 2007 to 2016, the report revealed that just over half of the 66 children who lost their lives in accidents in NSW were not securely restrained in vehicles. Even more alarming, improper seat belt or restraint usage played a primary role in the fatality of nearly one-third of these children, a staggering 20 young lives lost unnecessarily.

These were avoidable tragedies. Simple measures, like correctly using booster seats, could have made the difference between life and tragedy.

Why Choose Automotive Restraints?

With child safety being of utmost importance, Automotive Restraints is your trusted partner, dedicated to providing the highest quality booster seats. Why should you choose us for your child's safety needs? Here are compelling reasons:

  • We professionally install and adjust child restraints as a NSW-authorized fitting station with a mission to ensure child safety.
  • Our Type 2 fitting station can establish anchor points in vehicles without them.
  • We provide replacement seatbelts meeting Australian standards.
  • Custom-made coloured seatbelts and retro-style buckles for vintage vehicle enthusiasts.
  • Our range includes safety hardware and accessories for various needs.
  • Innovative seating solutions to accommodate larger families or special-purpose vehicles without compromising safety.

Having over three decades of experience, we understand the nuances of child safety and are committed to delivering the finest products and services.


Your child's safety during car journeys cannot be compromised. Booster seats, supported by proper installation and use, can make a monumental difference. And you don't have to look far for a reliable solution. Automotive Restraints is here to ensure your child's safety in every journey. Choose us; choose safety. Your little ones deserve nothing but the best.