Book a Fitting for Optimal Child Restraint in Your Vehicle

Child safety is not a matter to be taken lightly, and that's why you need professionals who are committed to providing top-tier child restraint fitting services. At Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia, we are committed to delivering exceptional child restraint fitting services. We understand the importance of securing your child in a car seat that's not only comfortable but also compliant with Australian safety regulations.

Booking a fitting appointment with us is not just a matter of convenience but a choice that reflects your dedication to your child's safety. Let us take you through why Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia is the ideal choice for child restraint fitting in Australia.

Why Choose Us for Child Restraint Fitting?

When it comes to your child's safety, there's no room for compromise. Here's why Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia is the best choice for child restraint fitting in Australia:

  • Comprehensive Fitting Services: We professionally install, inspect, and adjust child car seats, ensuring your child's safety at every turn.
  • Additional Anchorage Points: Many vehicles lack factory-fitted child restraint anchorage points. We provide approved anchorage systems for various vehicle types so you can travel with peace of mind.
  • Additional Seating Solutions: Need more seating capacity in your vehicle? We can help you modify your van, wagon, SUV, or special-purpose vehicle for added space.
  • Seatbelts for Any Vehicle: If your seatbelt needs replacement or restoration, we're your go-to source for authorised seatbelts and fittings. We offer cost-effective, compliant options.
  • Coloured Seatbelt and Retro Buckles: Restoring a vintage vehicle? Choose from our range of coloured seatbelts and retro-style buckles for a unique, safe, and compliant solution.
  • Hardware and Accessories: From spreader plates to extension straps, we provide a wide array of child restraint accessories and special-need solutions.

Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia Step-by-Step Fitting Procedure

Our child restraint fitting process is systematic and thorough. We believe that every step is crucial in ensuring your child's safety. Our technicians follow a step-by-step procedure, which includes:

  1. Assessment of your vehicle and child's needs.
  2. Selection of the appropriate restraint system.
  3. Expert installation, ensuring it's securely fitted.
  4. Adjustment to provide maximum comfort and protection.
  5. Demonstration of how to use the restraint in an emergency.
  6. Verify that your child is safely secured before you leave.
  7. Ongoing support and advice on best practices for transportation safety.
  8. Post-installation inspection to guarantee everything is in order

Our attention to detail, commitment to customer service, and focus on providing the safest solution positions us as your go-to choice. Count on our highly trained and certified technicians to prioritise the security of your child.

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Remember, when it comes to your child's safety, there's no room for compromise. Book a fitting with us today and experience the difference that Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia can make in keeping your child safe on Australian roads.