Ensure On-Road Safety through Premium Seatbelt Hardware

Seat belts are essential for safeguarding driver and passenger safety on the road. The reliability of this protective gear hinges on the quality of its hardware, ensuring the safety of every vehicle occupant in unforeseeable situations. As a leading seatbelt hardware supplier, we specialise in providing top-tier products that cover every aspect of seatbelt safety, surpassing Australian standards in their manufacture and testing.

Our components are designed and tested to withstand high loads and extreme conditions, ensuring your seatbelts remain strong and reliable through years of use.

How Seat Belt Hardware Keeps You Safe

The car's seat belt system comprises a network of essential components that work together to ensure the safety of both occupants. Central to this system are the anchor points, fastened with car seat anchor bolts and seat belt bolts. These high-strength bolts guarantee that the belts stay securely connected to the vehicle's frame, even in high-impact collisions.

Seat belt anchor plates further enhance this security. These metal plates distribute the force of a crash across a wider area, preventing the bolts from pulling through the floorboard. This ensures the entire seat belt system remains functional and provides optimal protection.

Source Quality Seat Belt Hardware from Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia

Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia prides itself on being a trusted seatbelt hardware supplier, offering various components essential for seatbelt systems. The functionality of our products is designed to ensure the safety and reliability of seatbelt systems in various automotive applications. Here's a breakdown of the key functionalities:

1. Car Seat Belt Anchors:

  • Secure the seat belt to the vehicle's frame

  • Enhance safety with a secure connection between the belt and the vehicle

2. Spacers, Bolts, and Washers:

  • Enhance the resilience and durability of seatbelt system connections

  • Ensure robustness, capable of withstanding significant forces during use

3. Spreader Plate:

  • Distributes seat belt force across a wider area to prevent damage to the vehicle's mounting point

  • Includes a nut for secure attachment to the chassis

4. Centre Back Plate:

  • Provides a strong mounting surface for the seat belt, typically in the centre rear of the vehicle

  • Has a pre-attached nut for easy installation with a matching bolt

5. Barrel Bolt (Sold in Pairs):

  • Includes a spring to maintain tension and prevent loosening

  • Features a fibre washer to protect the mounting surface from scratches

6. Pillar Mount Plate:

  • Rectangular metal plate designed to be mounted on a pillar or upright within the vehicle

  • Have holes drilled to accommodate bolts for attaching seat belt components

7. Pillar Mount:

  • Narrow metal plate for attaching seat belts to pillars or other narrow structures

  • Features rivets at each end for secure installation

8. Seat Belt Spacer:

  • Creates space between the seat belt component and the mounting surface, often made of metal or plastic

  • Helps improve the angle of the belt for better passenger comfort and safety

Our Standout Features

Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia has a solid reputation as a top-tier seatbelt hardware supplier, consistently delivering premium quality products. Since our establishment in 1988, we have become renowned for our expertise in providing various seatbelt components. When selecting our services, here's what you can expect:

  1. Comprehensive Offerings: From additional anchorage points to retrofitting seatbelts, we have a wide range of products catering to your needs.

  2. Technical Expertise: With years of hands-on experience, our team understands the intricacies of seat belt systems, ensuring you get the right solution.

  3. Custom Solutions: When standard products don't meet your exact needs, we offer tailored solutions customised to your requirements.

  4. Nationwide Availability: We supply our products to licensed mechanics and fitting stations across Australia, ensuring accessibility for all.

  5. Customer-Centric Approach: Your safety is our priority. We provide RMS Certificates with all child seat fittings, and our team is always ready to assist with installation queries.

Partner with Us for Your Seatbelt Needs Today!

Your commitment to safety starts with choosing the right components that make up critical safety systems like seatbelts. Trust in our expertise as a wholesale seatbelt hardware supplier to equip your vehicles with reliable seatbelt hardware. Whether you're in need of bolts, nuts, plates or any seat belt anchorage hardware, we have the right solutions for you. Explore our selection of seatbelt hardware today!

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