Drive Secure with Top Grade Automotive Seat Belts and Extenders in Australia

Seat belts constitute a crucial element capable of preserving lives. At Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia, we grasp the significance of top-notch automotive seat belts and reliable seat belt extenders, ensuring Australian drivers receive steadfast protection and lasting durability.

Backed by years of experience and proficiency, our complete commitment lies in providing the finest automotive seat belts and extenders tailored for various vehicle makes and models. Our seat belts in Australia adhere to the most stringent quality and performance standards. Engineered to keep you safe and secure on the road, our product range ensures comprehensive protection, regardless of the vehicle you operate.

The Importance of Automotive Seat Belts

Automotive seat belts are reliable companions during your drives, keeping you secure during short commutes or long road trips. These unassuming fabric strips are your first line of defence, minimising injury and preventing accidents in case of a collision. And at Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia, we understand the weight of this responsibility.

Seat Belt Extensions in Australia

For cases where a standard seat belt may not offer the desired comfort or fit, Automotive Restraint provides seat belt extenders. These extenders comply with Australian standards and are compatible with various vehicle models. Whether you are tall, pregnant, or have specific mobility requirements, our seat belt extenders ensure proper restraint for everyone in your vehicle.

Safety Standards and Compliance

Australia has stringent safety standards and regulations for automotive seat belts to protect every passenger on our roads. Under the Australian Design Rules (ADRs), all seat belts used in Australian vehicles must meet the specified standards. These ADRs cover everything from the strength of the belts to their anchorage points and buckle designs. Moreover, it is crucial to be aware of the specific regulations in your area, as Australian states have laws governing seat belt usage. Aftermarket replacement seat belts = AS2596 New vehicle car and or bus applications = ADR04/5 Child Harness = AS1754

Automotive Seat Belts by Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia

Now that we understand the importance of automotive seat belts, let's talk about Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia, your trusted partner in automotive safety. As a leading wholesale supplier of aftermarket child restraint systems, seatbelt equipment, and accessories in Australia, we take road safety seriously.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond the sale of products. The Australia Road and Transport authorises us to install, inspect, and adjust child restraints professionally. Whether you need assistance fitting or adjusting your child's car seat, installing additional anchorage points, or retrofitting seatbelts, we're here to help.

Our Range Of Seat Belt Equipment

    • Seat Buckle Replacements: Ensure flawless locking mechanism functionality by replacing components within the seatbelt system for optimal performance.

    • Webbing Options: Choose critical webbing components that provide the required strength and flexibility for passenger safety, including 3-bar slide clips and webbing slide clips for secure seatbelt function.

    • Aircraft Flip Style Buckle Set: Specialised products cater to unique markets by offering a unique buckle set suitable for specific aircraft applications.

    • Wheelchair Snap Hook: Provides a specialised solution for wheelchair applications. Easily attach and detach wheelchair seatbelts with a durable snap hook for added convenience and safety.

    • Techsafe Post-Compatible Spreader Plates: Offers a safe and secure seatbelt connection without additional hardware or modifications, compatible with Techsafe posts for a secure fit within the system.

Why Choose Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia?

      • Professional Expertise: Our team comprises experts authorised by the Road and Transport, ensuring your child's restraints and seat belts are installed correctly.

      • Safety First: We provide Road and Transport Certificates with all child seat fittings, ensuring you comply with state requirements.

      • Product Variety: We provide a wide range of child restraints, seatbelts, and accessories. All available with nationwide shipping for your convenience.

      • Australian Made

      • Tested and Manufactured in Australia

Advantages of Our Seat Belt Extenders

In some cases, standard seat belts may not accommodate all passengers comfortably. This is where seat belt extenders serve as a crucial component. Automotive Restraint offers seat belt extenders in Australia that provide several advantages:

      • Enhanced Comfort: Seat belt extenders make it more comfortable for passengers of all sizes to buckle up securely.

      • Compliance: Our extenders are designed to meet safety standards and compliance requirements.

      • Ease of Use: Installing and using our seat belt extenders is a breeze, ensuring convenience without compromising safety.


Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia is your trusted partner in providing top-quality automotive seat belts and seat belt extenders in Australia. Explore our product range, read customer reviews, and make an informed decision to enhance your safety on the road.

Contact us today to experience the ultimate safety and comfort on the road. Buckle up for safety with Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia!

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