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Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia

Welcome to the new online web portal of Automotive Restraint Fitters Australia.
The premier supplier in Australia for Restraints, Seatbelts and custom fitting equipment and Accessories.
We maintain high stock levels of child restraints, seatbelts and accessories.

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Child Restraints, Seats & Seatbelt Fitting Solutions

All children must be safely restrained in any motor vehicle driven on Australian roads, they should be buckled up in a child car seat that is correct for the individual child’s age and size.

We are authorised by the Transport Authorities throughout Australia to professionally install, inspect and adjust child restraints. If you want some help to fit or adjust your child’s car seat you can contact us, we:

  • Professionally instal your child car seats
  • Inspect and adjust child car seats
  • Fit child car seats that require vehicle modifications
  • Install additional anchorage points
  • Retrofit lap and lap-sash seatbelts; static and retractable
  • Give you advice on the correct way to use your child car seat

We provide engineering documentation for our child seat fitting.

Please refer to the child seat manual for correct fitment and your states requirements for child seat rules.

We are an authorised type 2 fitting station which allows us to locate or establish child restraint anchorage points.

It is surprising how many vehicles on Australian roads do not come with factory fitted child restraint anchorage points, we are able to solve this problem with the installation of our approved child restraint anchorage systems.

We have a variety of systems available to suit most vehicle types.

We can provide solutions that increase the seating capacity in your vehicle.

Generally suitable for vans, wagons, SUV’s, troop carriers, buses and other special purpose vehicles.

Your seatbelt might be damaged and need replacing for restoration or registration. We are an authorised supplier and installer of seatbelts and seatbelt fittings.

You could try contacting the manufacturer of your vehicle for a replacement seatbelt however the product we supply will generally be a much cheaper option and will comply to all Australian standards.

If a suitable replacement seatbelt is not available, we can offer a re-webbing service, this is generally an option where the seatbelt is retracting normally but the webbing is damaged or frayed.

We also have restraint kits for the mining industry, farm vehicles, forklifts, cranes, buses, coaches etc.

For passenger and other registered vehicles, all seat belt kits conform to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2596:2003 Seat belt assemblies for motor vehicles.

If you are restoring an older vehicle, we have a range of coloured seatbelts and retro style buckles which you can choose from and have made to special order.

These options are often requested for older vehicles with damaged seatbelts or where seatbelts were not originally fitted from factory and you now wish to make your vehicle compliant and safer for travel.

We design, fabricate and install seatbelts using the correct geometry specifically to suit your vehicle. We offer this service in our on-site workshop if you choose to use our installation service.

Spreader plates, mounting brackets, spacers and bolts all meeting ADR requirements to fit seatbelts manufactured in Australia.

Seatbelt extensions to increase the length of your factory seatbelt.

Capsule tether straps, extension straps, gated buckles, pigtail extensions, snap-hook safety clips are some of the child restraint accessories we have available.

We also stock systems for special need purposes.

Our main service is manufacturing and supply of our approved child restraint systems and aftermarket seatbelts to our wholesale customers, however we also have the experience and expertise to fit our products into customers vehicles on site in our factory located in Brisbane, QLD.

We can design, fabricate and custom fit anchorage points and seatbelts into your vehicle.

Have a look through our Gallery to see some of the vehicles we have worked on.